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The Oregon Natural Resources Education Fund (ONREF) is a community field of interest grant fund administered through The Oregon Community Foundation. The grant fund was established in 2001 to provide funds to establish, expand, improve and maintain forest-related natural resources education opportunities in Oregon high schools.

Specifically, in accordance to the grant fund charter, the fund provides charitable distributions to Oregon public or private high schools that commit to provide educational opportunities in the field of Forestry, which will integrate wood products, silviculture, harvesting, fisheries, wildlife, water, soils, recreation and the management of other forest-related natural resources of Oregon and related career and leadership development.


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Grant Funds

Main Grant

Provide support and resources for forestry educaiton program statewide.

Subfunds - (specific funding objectives)

In addition to the Main Fund which is available statewide, ONREF was set up to allow any number of subfunds to be established under the charter of the main fund (with a minimum balance of $10,000). This allows the opportunity for a donor to contribute to a particular school or to programs within a particular county or region. The subfunds are also set up to allow local representation on the advisory committee. Current subfunds include:

  • Pleasant Hill (Pleasant Hill SD)
  • Terry Selby (Benton County)
  • Oregon Society of American Foresters (Statewide)

Please contact OCF if interested in establishing a subfund in your area of interest.

All subfunds grants are included within a single application

ONREFA Grant Application


ONREF Brochure